Mobile Veterinarian in Manhattan

Convenient Vet Visits for Your Pet in New York City

Why go to the veterinarian’s office or animal hospital when you could have a veterinary house call? At Home Care Veterinary P.C., we provide pets with quality care right where they are most comfortable — in their homes. Our skilled veterinarian has more than 15 years of experience in his field and is well-qualified to provide your pet the quality treatment he or she needs.

From routine visits to more urgent house calls, we are available to ensure that your pet’s medical needs are properly addressed. Our mobile veterinary practice provides every service that is available at a freestanding animal hospital, from blood analysis to surgery. If you are in New York City, contact us now at (917) 747-3923 and schedule a house call!

The Benefits of At-Home Veterinary Care

Having a vet who is able to come to your location provides a wide variety of benefits for both you and your pet. There are no waiting periods, no transportation hassles, and no risk of disease from other animals. Furthermore, the visit is specifically tailored to your pet in an uninterrupted environment where the animal’s health is the sole focus.

Rather than the typical veterinary care visit that usually only lasts 15 to 20 minutes, our visits last at least 30 minutes. Our New York City veterinary home care practice use a paperless medical record system in order to give you easier access to your pet’s records, which are backed up on a daily basis. Our routine house calls start at just $125!

Call Us Today and Schedule Your Visit

The next time your pet needs to see the vet, let us provide him or her with personalized, at-home care. Call Home Care Veterinary P.C. at (917) 747-3923 to schedule a visit!